Broadcasting services

Luminous Vision Broadcasting Services

Luminous Vision Broadcasting Services Include SNG and Special coverage operations, Satellite Space Segments, Production and News gathering and report, One camera studio (DTL).

SNG And Special Coverage Operation

We are always ready for the client whether compiling Shot lists or accompanying journalists  in their travels across the region.  Our highly experienced bilingual cameramen are able to film in all  SD or HD formats


Luminous Vision Broadcasting Services

Satellite Space Segments

As a partner of all major satellite suppliers, Luminous Vision have continuously available high-performance satellites capacities which meet all individual transmission requirements

Luminous Vision Broadcasting Services

Production And News Gathering And Report

Luminous Vision offers a full production program and news reports including Camera Crew – adequate transportation – Editing – TPO or FTP / Archive footage access within the package

One Camera Studio (DTL)

Luminous Vision has multiple One Camera studios in Khartoum, Juba, and Addis Ababa, all DTL studios are fully equipped with equipment that fit all kinds of media requirements such as SD or HD – 16/9 or 4/3 – Day Light or Night Light – Live backdrops or Banners.